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In Stress Free Retirement, Patrick Kelly, shows today’s current ( and potential ) retiree how to eliminate the pain and hassles of the investment landscape

Great read. Highly recommend if you still have your retirement invested in the market.


Good advice, including the benefits of a Fixed Income Annuity to avoid the perils of a stock market reversal, ie. 2008.


Very compelling insights. Good discussion and arguments on risk/reward, and what’s really important in retirement planning. Has made me pause and re-evalute some of my assumptions about my own portfolio.


This is the perfect book to explain all the benefits of tax free retirement via IULs

Teaser - Chapter 1: The Poker-Chip Mentality

The first time I ever set foot into a casino was in the Bahamas. I was 18 years old on a post-high-school-graduation trip that was given to me as a gift. I was in awe.

Since I’d never been in a casino before, I remember being completely enamored as I watched all of the sunburned tourists throw their money away on the green felt. I stood. I wandered. I didn’t want to leave.

As I made my way through the smoke-filled room, my eye was drawn to a young man, likely in his 30s, playing Blackjack one-on-one with a dealer. He was sitting next to an attractive blonde sporting diamonds the size of golf balls. Now Blackjack was a game I did happen to know. So I stopped. What caught my eye next was the unique color of chips that towered in front of the man. Chips a color I hadn’t seen sitting in front of any other player. I was curious, so I stepped closer and thought my eyes were playing a trick on me.

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